Thursday, February 24, 2011

My son Jonny wrote this. I thought I'd share...

 <<<<<WHY I RACE>>>>>

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I have played all sports Lacrosse, Baseball, Football, Soccer, ect…
There is no sport that takes this much effort
Racing takes more preparation, hand/foot eye coordination, reaction time,
mental strength/endurance,
physical strength/endurance, knowledge of the rules,
knowledge of the physics of the vehicle (Like the Lacrosse stick, ) ,
If you make this adjustment it will do this to it, if it performs wrong knowing
What to do to make it better, what setup for certain track conditions,
If the track gets dusty you Change the tire treatment to ----- , if your loose (Sliding)
You add cross, less air in Right rear tire, kick left rear tire in closer to chassis (this will help center corner off) stuff like that.
Went I put that helmet on I change into a different person, nothing else matters, just me and 30 other guys beating, banging and doing what ever it takes to get to the line first .
And when every part of the puzzle fits together
And you Win a race.
It's a felling that I cannot put into words.
And when you Win your first Championship.
Your legs get weak, you have a adrenaline rush like your will never have again,You can barely drive back to you pit stall without crying.
And when you get that trophy.
For That Short Period In Time.
You Are The Man !!!

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