Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Opinion on two cashback sites

My opinion on two cashback sites Ebates and Mr. Rebates...
(I prefer Ebates)

Been waiting for my rebates from Mr. Rebates. Never got them, so I tried to fill out a support ticket, only to be told, that my purchases were over 60 days ago so a claim cannot be opened!!! I had made purchases on 3/31/11,4/1/11, 4/3/11,4/3/11,4/6/11, and 4/24/11 I spent about $3000 and was to get back 3%. Not right!
I just read on Mr. Rebates website " Remember, pending rebates are moved into available status after 90 days to allow merchants to fund rebates and make up for the possibility of returned merchandise. " so is it 60 days or 90 days? I'm PO"D
 ****When I use Ebates, I have no problems. Give them a try I always get my money from them.

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